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Small fish eat big fish.

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White-haired old woman good vigorous skill, although unexpected, caught off guard, still did not see panic, sleeve shaking, like a net to catch fish and bees, will be hidden weapons. However, after such a momentary delay, Feng'er and Dumb had slipped through the net and slipped into the gate. Boom! Iron grapes also missed one, burst open in front of the white-haired old woman, was split into fine powder by her palm, then, people with the palm into, with an arrow through the heart of the onslaught of small fish. The little fish was so bold that he rushed up and shouted, "You want to bully the young with the old, but there is no way. The leader of this gang specializes in snacks." Praise the big sea, with a diversion, bluff tactics, this is not because they are afraid of the immortal valley, but because the phoenix son may be the daughter of the immortal valley Lord Shangguan Wanqian, so they show mercy, so as not to make everyone embarrassed and unhappy. As a result, the little fish quickly attacked three palms, and then with the help of force, he turned sharply in the air, crossed the wall, and poured into the courtyard. When the white-haired old woman found that it was too late to stop. The white-haired old woman personally welcomed the three boys to a flower hall. After Feng'er and the others sat down one after another and someone offered tea, the old lady began to say, "I don't know which one is the leader of Xiaoyuer Sect." The little fish bowed and said, "It's just me." The white-haired old woman glanced at Dumb and Feng'er and said, "Well, this little hero must be Dumb II, and that swordswoman is Feng'er III. Since ancient times, heroes have been young, and they have been confirmed by the three gang leaders. They are all first-class in courage, insight and wit. The old man admires them very much." "You're welcome,die cast light housing, you're welcome," said Dumb with a burning face. "We're embarrassed if the old lady says so." As soon as the old woman's face straightened, she got back to the point and said, "You three have come to the Valley of Immortals. What can I do for you?" "We want to see Lord Shangguan," said Xiaoyuer. The old woman was slightly stunned and said, "Wanqian is in seclusion. She doesn't see any guests." "" You can ask Granny Huangshan to come and see you, "said Feng'er. The old woman smiled and said, "I am Grandma Huangshan." The little fish was taken aback. "Sorry, sorry," he said. "Granny's magic skill is unparalleled. She really lives up to her reputation." "Don't be polite, children," said Granny Huang with a smile. "If you have anything to say, please say it directly." Xiaoyuer said in a tentative tone, "We want to ask one thing. Does Lord Shangguan have a daughter?" Granny Huang's face changed again and again, and there was a cloud of melancholy between her eyebrows. "I have a granddaughter," she said in a deep voice. "How old are you this year?" Asked Feng. "It should be fifteen," said Huangshan Granny Qi Ran. "Would you please come out and see me?" Asked Dumb. "This-" Huangshan grandmother hesitated to speak, did not take the following. "What's the inconvenience, metal stamping parts ,deep draw stamping, Grandma?" Asked the little fish. Granny Huangshan sighed and said, "To tell you the truth, this child has been missing for a long time." Feng'er and Xiaoyuer exchanged glances and said in unison, "Where did you disappear?" "It's in the Valley of Immortals," said Granny Huangshan. "But have you been abducted?" Asked the little fish. "That's what we think." "Who abducted him?" "There is no evidence and no way to judge." "There must be some clues, right?" "Of course there are clues." "Who is it?" With a deep sigh, Granny Huangshan looked grave and said, "This is a family scandal. I'm sorry I can't tell you all about it." Seeing that the time had come, Xiaoyuer said plausibly, "Grandma, we're here for this, too. We don't want to pry into other people's privacy. Someone pointed out in Hulu Valley that Miss Feng'er is your old lady's missing granddaughter. I've come to Guigu to check." Granny Huangshan was over seventy years old, and she had never seen any great storms, but when she heard this, she was still so surprised that she stood up, grabbed Feng's hands, looked up and down carefully, and muttered to herself: "The figure and face shape, especially the eyes, are indeed somewhat similar to Wanqian's.". ” After asking Feng for a few words, Grandma Huangshan said with a solemn face, "Feng, can you roll up the sleeve of your left hand and let me have a look?" "All right," said Feng. Immediately roll up the sleeve of your left hand. It is obvious to all that on the snow-white lotus root arm, above the elbow and outside, there is a cinnabar mole the size of a soybean. As soon as Huangshan's grandmother saw the cinnabar mole, she immediately hugged Feng'er tightly in her arms. The old woman burst into tears and said, "My child, it's you. It's really you. Grandma misses you so much." Feng'er also accompanied the old man to roll down two lines of tears. Her knees went limp. She knelt down at the feet of Grandma Huangshan and said, "Grandma, is this true?" Huangshan Grandma said in a positive tone, "You can't go wrong, absolutely you can't go wrong. Grandma has a deep memory of this cinnabar mole. She won't be wrong." Qiang pulled Feng Er up and hugged her in his arms. Grandparents and grandchildren wept with joy. Dumb's lacrimal glands were well developed, and he burst into tears. "Feng'er," he cried. Congratulations, you finally found your own home, but, I and Xiaoyuer, the vast sea of people, still do not know where is my home, alas, whoo, wow- "" In the end, he burst into sobs and tears. At the thought of his complicated and confusing life experience, Xiaoyuer could not help feeling dejected and wanted to say a few words of comfort, but for a moment it was like a stem in his throat, hard to make a sound. It was Grandma Huangshan who stopped crying first and took Feng'er to sit beside her. "My child," she said kindly, "who told you about this?" Feng'er said truthfully, "It's a demon with a thousand faces." Granny Huangshan was stunned. "Who is the dry noodle demon?" She asked. Dumb told the story of the Demon with a Thousand Faces in detail. Finally, Zhengrong said, "In a word, this is an inexplicable devil. Moreover, he claimed that he was Feng'er's own father." All of a sudden, Huangshan Granny's face changed greatly. She was stunned. "Oh," she said to herself, "It's him. It must be him." "Who is it?" Asked Feng in a hurry? Grandma Huangshan Grandma looked strange and did not answer a word, as if she had fallen into the abyss of pain,die casting parts, as if she had fallen into the memory of the past. "Grandma," said the little fish, "there is one more thing that is even more baffling." 。 autoparts-dx.com

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