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Looked at the top of the head is still constantly mobilizing the number, Ye Lanlan depressed, angry, this guy so easily give up? It's really not like his style! Ye Lanlan looked at the time again. Well, at seven o'clock in the morning, it was time for him to get off the line. But what about her? Do you just stay here and wait for this hour to pass? Ding, Ding, Ding. Suddenly there was a strange noise, Ye Lanlan listened attentively, who was calling her off the line? She's the only one living in the house. No, there's an OSS. Ye Lanlan hurriedly got off the line, opened the game warehouse and saw Chu Feng standing there with a straight face, looking like a capitalist, and said coldly, "Make breakfast!" Depend on, Ye Lanlan really wants to give him the middle finger, but think of this is the food and clothing parents, but also give her double salary guy. She hurriedly changed an obsequious smiling face: "Good, Chu always, I do right away!"! But Mr. Chu, I remember clearly that I locked the door from the inside. How did you get in? Chu Feng glanced at her,Nail machine manufacturer, did not speak, and spread out his hands directly. Inside was a thin steel wire as thick as a hair, about the length of a chopstick. Ye Lanlan twitched at the corners of her mouth and sighed: "General Manager Chu, you.." How could you do that! Right. What else can you do besides this? "Unlock, all kinds of locks, unlock codes.". All kinds of codes, take the knife,Nail Making Machine price, take the gun! Chu Feng spat out a series of nouns neatly. When Ye Lanlan heard this, her heart missed a beat and she felt extremely insecure. ***, with someone who can open your door and your box at any time. Do you feel safe living with a man who has the password to your computer and even a gun and a knife? Although Ye Lanlan believed that Chu Feng would never open her door in the middle of the night and throw himself on her bed. But just because he said these things, her scalp tingled. She, Ye Lanlan, is a great citizen. But not necessarily boss Chu. Good people, who can do this? And he's living in her house now, if he did something bad, would it implicate her, would she be charged with shielding, or if he found out that he had done something invisible, would this guy be so angry that he cut off her little head with a click and kill her! See Ye Lanlan face look changeable, and that look at any time there is an impulse to escape from him. Chu Feng's eyes darkened. He grabbed Ye Lanlan by the arm and said gloomily, "Where are you going?"! I used to be in the special forces. Yes, how can a person like Chu Feng be a killer, Nail machine manufacturer ,wire nail machine manufacturers, a robber or something like that! Ye Lanlan patted herself on the head, smiled sheepishly, and flattered: "General Manager Chu.". I am not cranky, I see you Yushu Linfeng, elegant demeanor, all the female colleagues in the company love you, you are absolutely the prince charming in the eyes of our female colleagues! "Including you?" Chu Feng asked a light rhetorical question. Ye Lanlan did not react and asked foolishly, "What includes me?" Didn't you say that all the female colleagues in the company adored me? I asked if you were in it. Chu Feng patiently explained his meaning again, and stared at Ye Lanlan with an interesting look. Ye Lanlan is embarrassed. How can I answer this? Say no, that is not a slap in the mouth, to prove that her previous words are lies? Say yes, then she didn't admit to her face that she wanted to be a boss. How could the two of them mix together under the same roof? And Chu Feng this sounds like a hooligan, like molesting her? Ye Lanlan squinted at Chu Feng with a mournful face and begged, "General Manager Chu, don't make fun of the younger one. This joke is not funny!" "You think I'm joking?" Chu Feng asked in reply, and then left Ye Lanlan alone back to the house. Ye Lanlan was so frightened by his words that she didn't come to her senses for a long time. When he closed the door for her, Ye Lanlan suddenly reacted, ran over in one breath, pressed the door desperately, and then crouched down slowly with her back against the door. Shit, she's gonna lose a lot of brain cells living with this jerky guy! Why don't we get this guy out of here? But her double salary is gone. Strictly speaking, as long as there is no convulsion, Chu Feng is really a good tenant, he does not smoke, do not drink, do not invite people to come back, and occasionally help her do some cleaning and washing dishes. He usually stayed quietly in his room to work and make phone calls, and they did not interfere with each other. Repeated entanglement, accounting, Ye Lanlan still did not resist the temptation of double wages, obediently climbed out of the door to make a breakfast for Chu OSS. When breakfast was brought to the table, Chu Feng came over consciously. Ye Lanlan wanted to slip away, but Chu Feng took a piece of bread and took a bite. He didn't give up. He continued to ask: "You haven't answered me the question I just asked you!" Ye Lanlan rolled her eyes and said impatiently, "General Manager Chu, you are loved by everyone. Flowers blossom and cars carry you. Who will not like you?"! All right, you're the most handsome man in the world. I'll leave if it's all right. "Can I take it as your default?" Chu Feng smiled inscrutably, so angry that Ye Lanlan almost went on a rampage. He was so angry that he dizzy and grabbed the kitchen knife to give him a record. Ye Lanlan ran away hurriedly. Ye Lanlan returned to the house and was still angry. At first, Chu Feng looked like a gentleman, but now it seems that he is just a superficial person. She glanced at the game warehouse, thinking that just now three thousand prosperous inexplicably offline, resulting in the task can not go on, her anger is even stronger. He grabbed the phone and called Bai Yingxue, regardless of the high cost of international calls. When she finished vomiting what had happened today, she giggled on the other end of the phone: "Silly girl, I didn't expect that your luck in love would come as soon as I left!"! Congratulations, the game reality peach blossoms are blossoming,High Speed Nail Making Machine, since you said that your director's conditions are good in all aspects, it is better for you to be close to the water tower and develop with him, maybe I will come back just in time to be a bridesmaid! 。 3shardware.com

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