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Green Blood Sword (newly revised edition)

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The man claimed that his surname was Yang and his given name was Jingting. He said to yuan and Xia, "Master Ma is the nephew of Lord Ma, the governor of Fengyang. He is the most enthusiastic in making friends. He spends thousands of yuan and is not stingy.". Whoever has made this friend has really fallen into the clouds. Lord Ma dotes on this nephew and treats him better than his own son. If this brother wants to make friends, he'd better move to Ma Gongzi's house. When yuan Chengzhi saw that they spoke rudely, he was afraid that Qingqing would get angry, but Qingqing smiled and said, "That's the best thing. Let's go ashore now." Mr. Ma was overjoyed and reached out to hold her hand. Qingqing shrank and pushed a singing girl on him. Chengzhi Daqi kept silent at the moment. Qingqing stood up and said to Mr. Ma, "These two girls and the boatman, I want to give each of them five taels of silver.." "Of course it's from my brother," said Master Ma hurriedly. "You can come to the bookkeeper tomorrow to get the reward." Qingqing said with a smile, "Wouldn't it be nice to reward them today?" "Yes, yes," said Mr. Ma. With a wave of his hand, the servant took out fifteen taels of silver and put it on the table. The boatman and the two singing girls thank you. Ma Gongzi stared at Qingqing, smiling and itching, as if he had picked up a rare treasure falling from the sky. After a while, the boat was close to the shore. "I'll call for a sedan chair," said Yang Ching-ting. "Oh," said Qingqing suddenly, "I have an important thing to put down. I'm going to get it." "I'll send my family to fetch it for you,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece," said Mr. Ma. "Good brother, where do you live?" "I'm staying at the Temple of Monks in Zhoushan," said Qingqing. You can't let anyone else take it. Yang Jingting whispered in Mr. Ma's ear, "nail him. Don't let the boy slip away." "Not bad," said Mr. Ma with a wink. He turned to Qingqing and said, "I'll go with you, my good brother." He put his arm around her shoulder. Qingqing giggled. Step aside. Master Ma was enchanted and said to Yang Jingting, "Jingting,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, if this child wears women's clothes, no woman in the city of Jinling can compare with him.". The world unexpectedly has such a stunning youth, but today I met! It's really the virtue of our ancestors. "Let's go, brother," said Qingqing. He took yuan Chengzhi's hand and left. As soon as Mr. Ma winked, all four of them followed. He grabbed a few steps and laughed with Qingqing. Qingqing chatted with him one by one. Qingqing and Chengzhi, in order to visit the government of the State of Wei, have traveled all over the city and streets of Nanjing for more than ten days, and they are very familiar with the roads. When yuan Chengzhi saw that she was going to a desolate place, he knew that she was already alive and dead. He thought to himself, "Although this young man Ma has nothing to do, he has misjudged someone, but he is not guilty of death.". Master often says that people who learn martial arts can't kill innocent people indiscriminately. How can I not stop them? So he stopped and said, "Qingdi, faux grass wall ,outdoor ficus tree, don't joke with Mr. Ma. Let's go back to Shuiximen Inn." "Go back alone," said Qingqing with a smile. Master Ma was overjoyed. "Yes, yes," he said. "You go back alone. Do you want a silver envoy? yuan Chengzhi shook his head with a sigh and said to himself, "When I said I was staying at the Huishuiximen Inn, I made it clear that I was not staying at the Fuzhoushan Monk Temple.". This man is dying, but he still doesn't understand! As he spoke, he arrived at a graveyard. Mr. Ma was already out of breath. "Quick.." he asked. Are you almost there? Qing Qing gave a long laugh and said, "You have arrived!" Ma Childe is stupefied, the heart thinks of what to do in this grave. Yang Ching-ting saw that something was wrong with the situation, but he thought that there were four of us, and the two servants were strong and powerful. He thought that these two weak young men could not use any evil. He said, "Don't play around, little brothers. Let's go to the prince's mansion and have a hot drink. Won't it be good for you to sing a few songs for us?" Qingqing sneered twice. yuan Chengzhi shouted, "Go quickly.". If you behave yourself, you will meet with fewer rebuffs. Yang Jingting said angrily, "You are very annoying. You'd better go back first."! Don't make Mr. Ma angry. "" I'm tired, my dear brother, "said Mr. Ma." Give me a hand. " Close to Qingqing's side, he stretched his right arm to her shoulder. Qingqing turned to one side and said to Chengzhi, "Elder brother, what's over there?" Reach out and point east. Chengzhi turned his head to look, only to hear a sound behind him, hurriedly turned back, Ma Gongzi's confused head had rolled down to the ground, and blood spurted from his neck. Yang Jingting and the two servants were shocked. Qingqing stepped forward with a sword and stabbed them all to death. yuan Chengzhi thought that since he had killed one, his appearance had been revealed, so he simply uprooted it to avoid future trouble, and did not stop it at the moment. Qingqing wiped the blood on the sword on Ma Gongzi's body and giggled. yuan Chengzhi said, "It's enough for this kind of person to beat him up and teach him a lesson. You're a little too cruel." Qingqing's eyes crossed and he said, "We two are playing the flute and listening to music on the river. We're having a good time, but this guy has come to spoil our fun. Do you think he should die?" yuan Chengzhi thought to himself that he didn't deserve to die just because he was disturbing and disappointing. But people like Ma Gongzi and Yang Tingjing must have done a lot of harmful things. Even if they killed him, they couldn't say that they killed innocent people. So he said with a straight face, "If you kill such a bad guy, you can kill him. But if you kill a good man in the future, our friendship will be over." Qingqing stuck out her tongue and said with a smile, "I dare not, brother!" The two men kicked the corpse in the grass and were about to return to the inn when yuan Chengzhi suddenly pulled it on Qingqing's sleeve and whispered, "Someone!" The two of them shrank behind a grave. There was a sound of footsteps in the distance, and people were coming from the east and west. The two men looked at each other from behind the grave and saw more than ten people on each side, carrying oil-paper lanterns. As the two sides gradually approached, the man on the east side clapped his hands three times, paused, and clapped twice. The people on the west side clapped their hands three times, followed by two more,artificial banyan trees, and came together to sit in front of a large grave. The place where he sat was more than ten feet away from the two men, and he could not hear clearly. Qingqing was so curious that she wanted to listen closely. yuan Chengzhi tugged at her sleeve and whispered, "Wait a minute." "What are you waiting for?" Asked Qingqing. yuan Chengzhi waved his hand. Tell her to be quiet. Qingqing waited impatiently. hacartificialtree.com

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