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I looked at his back and gnashed my teeth with hatred. The servant girls knelt pitifully on the ground and said with fear in their eyes, "Please be kind and spare us!"! Or our days will be over! There was a burst of pain in my wound. I bit my lip and asked, "Where is the brave king now?" I faintly seemed to hear his voice. Your Highness, King Yong? He didn't come to Gaozhou. The maidservant heard that he had returned to the court. As they answered, they helped me undress and re-dress the wound. I was stupefied for a moment, if the jade slave was there, maybe I could still walk, but when I met this unreasonable and overbearing Xiao Zetian, it didn't make sense that he had eleven thousand kinds of convincing means. In the days that followed, my wound seemed to be inflamed, sometimes feverish, sometimes cold, but it was not worth the pain in my heart. Although I did not have the intention to harm people, it involved so many people to die. How could I feel? As soon as I see Xiao Zetian, I will remember that Wang Ge died because of me, and that sense of guilt always lingers in my mind. But even if I don't have a good face and cold words, Xiao Zetian still comes to see me every day. And what kind of master has what kind of men, he also sent two rigid guards in front of my door, I slightly want to leave the wing, will hear a cold, "girl, please go back to rest.". God knows I've been in my room for half a month,cattle weight tape, living like a pig and doing nothing except eating and sleeping and staring at the servant girl. Finally, one day, I shouted to him, "I want to get out of here." "Yes!" He smiled and nodded. I raised my eyebrows and looked at his deep smile. This time he promised so readily? Do you really want me to go, or do you have a plan? "We will leave for Yining tomorrow." Sure enough, how could this man give me good fruit to eat? It would be enough if he didn't poison me. Hearing him mention Yi Ning, I subconsciously resisted, "I will never go back to Yi Ning!"! If you want to go back,horse weight tape, go back by yourself! Do I have to watch my husband with someone else? I can't. I can't get over it. I softened my voice. "Now that my wound has healed, it's time for us to go our separate ways." And if you stay with him for a second, something bad will happen. Wang Zhanpeng. I wanted to recruit him, but he was too resolute and loyal to Song Jun. He brought this on himself. Why should you take it to heart? He suddenly explained. But if it hadn't been for me, he wouldn't have died. I looked at him steadily, because I saved him, and took Wang Ge's life, but my life was saved by Wang Ge. He immediately narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "Even if you didn't save me, even if I failed to attack, the Song army will be defeated!"! What kind of climate can they become? Did you know they joined forces with the Tuoba people? They burn and loot all the way, even the unarmed people are not spared, will not be ashamed of their actions! And you're here in pity? Your kindness is in the wrong place! "Yes, I am not as far-sighted as your Highness, and I don't understand the righteousness of the world.". But you don't know, Fish measuring board ,Adhesive fish ruler, when I was a child, I was a mute girl who was bullied without Wang Ge. Later, if it weren't for him, I might have died under the knife of Tuoba people. So I feel very guilty. Does this also hinder your way? I shouted excitedly, I understand that what he said is also reasonable, but the heart is unable to let go, often a closed eye is Wang Ge die in his grave, what can I do? When I get excited, my wound hurts. I have said long ago that I had better not meet him, as soon as we meet, we are at daggers drawn! When he saw that my face was not good, his tense face slowed down and he asked in a low voice, "What's the matter with you?" "Don't worry about it. I just need to get out of here." I said angrily. I can't let you go. You're still hurt. Now there's a lot of chaos everywhere. How can you go on the road as a girl? Besides, the last time you were separated, something like that happened to you, and this time you have to be tied to me. It seems that he has found out the cause and effect. "You!" I was so angry that I gritted my teeth and shouted, "Don't forget, I saved your life twice!" "Of course I haven't forgotten. When I get back to Yining, it's up to you how you want me to repay you." He paused, then closed his eyes and said, "It's just that you have to listen to me now.". See if you are going to be knocked unconscious and carry it, or go with me obediently! It doesn't make sense to talk to this bully! Megalomaniac! I sat on the carriage sulking, looking at the bodyguards in front of and behind the carriage, sighing, how can I get rid of such a ticket of people ah! It happened that Xiao Zetian was still sitting in the carriage with me, which was euphemistically called for fear that I would be bored. Does he really not know or does he not know that I hate him? At this time he was holding a scroll, dressed in a simple but elegant white robe, like an elegant scholar, if not really seen, who would have thought that he was the king of Ming with brilliant military exploits? This man, sometimes elegant, sometimes cold, sometimes cold, how many heavy masks? Which one is the real him? That day I occasionally heard two soldiers talking excitedly about his heroic deeds with adoring eyes. Xinyang long history of fear of fatuity, unexpectedly want to abandon the city when the song army in the city, and suddenly the king of the Ming Dynasty had already sneaked into Xinyang, and then hand up and down, all of a sudden solved the person who was afraid of death, mastered the forces of the whole Xinyang, and then Fengyun village was also raided, finally hit the song army, captured Song Huicheng. I know the process must be more dangerous than they say, after all, he is not a God. He was able to arrange everything meticulously in such a short time, even at the risk of his life, which proved that his ability to fight was very strong. Success is not unreasonable. He seemed to feel my attention and suddenly looked up at me. I blushed and turned my head away. Heart way, in any case, must break away from this person. Xiao Zetian was thoughtful, and after a while he asked,Diameter tape measure, "What's wrong?"? Why avoid me? In his quiet voice, there is the conciseness of the years. I replied uncomfortably, "I didn't avoid you!"! I just think the scenery outside is good. "Oh?"? I didn't know you liked dead trees and flowers! His thin lips were slightly raised and he seemed to be in a good mood. tapemeasure.net

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